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''EN Chanel 2.55 in a bright color is my dream''. 

Cayley Draper, bedre kendt som Cayley Mia, bærer de smukkeste kreationer. Hun har altid en unik designertaske med sig. Vi ser primært Cayley med en Louis Vuitton taske eller en Balenciaga bag on her wrist. When she walks by, we look back a few times. Casual but a little daring, we are obsessed with every outfit she wears. Cayley became familiar with us through Instagram and she shares her clothing secrets with us. Are you ready? 

 Louis Vuitton Speedy Mini/ Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram Canvas/ Vintage Louis Vuitton tasker/ Preloved Louis Vuitton taske/ Louis Vuitton Amsterdam/ Louis Vuitton Stjerne

Favorite (designer) brands

''My most favorite clothing store is Zara. I come here often, mainly because Zara is always nearby. I am also a fan of Meshki, probably not everyone is familiar with this clothing website. I love the range of Meshki, I regularly buy my basic tops here. The quality is also excellent. At Revolve I buy more exclusive items and at Pretty Little Thing I always succeed''. 

''Balenciaga is one of my favorite designer brands. The last few collections are fantastic, progressive and have a focus on social issues. This is definitely reflected in Balenciaga's fashion shows as well''.

''Off-White is also one of my favorites. They have mostly basic items with a twist, this makes it very personal''.

''Jacquemus is also a big favorite. Among other things, Jacquemus values how women feel. They state that women should feel good in the clothes and this is carried through in the designs''.


Vintage (designer) shops

''I love the concept of buying and selling vintage items. Obviously because it's sustainable. But also because I love designer items and you often have to pay a lot of money for them. With the purchase of a vintage designer product it is possible to buy an item for a lower price, which often stays beautiful for a long time and is therefore a real investment''.


Dior Pochete Oblique-canvas

''For my vintage purchases I often go to the Zipper and Episode, both located in the Nine Streets area of Amsterdam. Online I mainly look at Frankie Collective and Vinted. Here I often find my gems''.

''I visit these vintage stores mainly because these items often come back into fashion, which I find very special''.

''My biggest vintage mis-purchase was a varsity jacket. I bought it online, it looked great in the pictures, but in real life it wasn't nearly as nice as it was on the website. This is probably a 'problem' that many of you recognize''. 

Vintage designer bags 

''My first designer bag that I purchased was the Pochette Félicie by Louis Vuitton. The other day I bought the Gucci Dionysus Mini and I am super happy with this new purchase''.

''A designer item I once sold was the Gucci Belt Bag. I was very happy with this bag, but at some point I didn't wear it anymore. For me it is then time to get rid of it''.

''I have so often regretted bag purchases that I didn't make after all in the past. I've often worn an outfit and visualized the bag I didn't buy. Then I did think that I regretted a purchase that I did not make''.


Chanel bags Amsterdam/ Vintage Chanel bags Amsterdam/ Preloved Chanel/ Second-hand Chanel tasker / Chanel Crossbody bag Black Lambskin Leather/ Chanel Flap Bag Crossbody

Investment and a no go 

''So when it comes to bags, my heart usually lies with the classic bags. The Chanel 2.55 in black leather is a huge classic. My dream bag is the Chanel 2.55 in a bright color''!

''Nowadays I find the Stella McCartney Falabella a real no go. These were in fashion for a long time. But now they are not anymore in my opinion''.

Are you also a fan of vintage designer bags, and can't wait to purchase one or just dream away with the idea? We are more than happy to help you on our online platforme eller byde dig velkommen i en af ​​vores butikker i centrum af Amsterdam. Vil du holdes orienteret om alt om (vintage) designer? 
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With love,
 Cayley & Millie
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